Wednesday, August 25, 2010

UK STIs - almost half a million

Roger Pebody for Aidsmap (25 August 2010 )

One in ten people in UK with gonorrhea have a strain with reduced susceptibility to treatment

Depending of the definition of ‘resistance’ used, between 1% and 10% of people with gonorrhea in the UK have a strain which is resistant to the antibiotic that is most frequently used to treat the infection. Releasing the data today, the Health Protection Agency drew attention to the risk of treatments becoming ineffective but did state that actual cases of treatment failure remain rare.

The public health body also released figures showing that just under half a million new diagnoses of sexually transmitted infections were made in 2009, continuing the upward trend seen over the last decade. The largest number of diagnoses are in young people under the age of 25.

Link to HPA news release

Link to Aidsmap article

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